How to Avoid Irritation When Removing Body Hair

January 29, 2021 , hair removal products

Hair removal is usually a misery (not often both literally and metaphorically). Shaving is messy and time-consuming; electrolysis is painful and expensive, not to mention an utter bad idea if you’re also applying a Retinoid cream to your skin in preparation for going outside. But even if your third-grade self taught you anything from these crude experiments with smelly, painful shaving creams, it’s nevertheless true that at-home hair removal products weren’t always the best solution. Sure, there were gels and potions that promised to make hair growth impossible – but they generally weren’t all they promised to be. So how did these unhelpful concoctions get turned into powerful hair removing products that we’ve come to know and love?

First let’s look at what happened when people started using home hair removal products instead of more traditional solutions such as waxing. The obvious benefit to waxing, after all, is that it makes hair disappear right at the source: the follicle. So when a product removes this hair from the root, the effect is the complete and total destruction of hair in that area, no matter how much hair a person may have on other parts of their body.

On top of that, however, many people tend to experience side effects from waxing and other forms of waxing. Normally, you would expect the area being treated to become red, swollen and sore for a day or two – and you’d probably be advised to put a bandage over the area until it clears up. This doesn’t happen with most waxing products, which is one of the reasons why so many people still choose to go straight to the salon. But while the cream is likely to cause less irritation than a hot wax job, you can expect it to take longer to get rid of the hair completely, sometimes up to a week.

But even if you choose to use body hair removal products rather than a razor, you can still take some simple steps to avoid irritation. First of all, if you want to get the smoothest shave possible, try using a pre-shave cream instead of shaving cream. You can pick up a variety of creams at your local drugstore or beauty supply store.

If you have already used one of the hair removal products, then you can still use a cream. Just remember that you should use it at least six weeks before you schedule the waxing session. If you try to do the waxing treatment before you have a chance to apply the cream, you’ll probably end up with more irritation and a drier skin than you were expecting.

It’s important to note that removing body hair is never a pain-free experience. There will be some redness and possibly some swelling, especially after you’ve tried to wax or tweeze the area for the first time. However, those results are a natural part of the process, and it’s best to keep an eye on how your skin feels throughout the process. After all, the best hair removal products won’t do much good if you don’t like what results you get.