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NO NO Hair Removal System – Hair Off or Rip Off?

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NO NO Hair Removal System Review

Hi everyone, my name is Kayla  and  this is my  review of the no no hair removal treatment system.

I have to say that I’ve looked around for years for a good, cheap  way to get rid of unwamted hair. Laser hair removal is so darn expensive. I’ve tried those creams, waxes and that nasty spinning spring thing that RIPS hair from your skin (ouch!). So when I saw no!no! in a few of those woman’s magazines I was like, “Yeah, right, that can’t possibly work.” Well one day I’m at the salon getting that little mustache women my age get waxed (my hubby thinks it’s funny) when my friend Rachel who was getting her nails done says she bought a no!no! and loves it.

So I got on my computer and started looking around and all these ladies are saying it’s the best and it’s easy and not messy at all. I read all the good things the dermatologists were saying about it and that got me more curious so when I found out about that 60 day free trial I figured it was worth a try. Being able to return it sure beats tossing it in the trash after shelling out money if it didn’t work.

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Using The System

A couple days later, it came. I was looking at that tiny thing thinking it’s not going to work, but I’ll give it a go anyway since I had nothing to lose. I did get the cute pink one and after reading the directions, I used the no!no! on my arm. It took me a minute to get that green light to stay on that lets you know you’re using it right, but when I figured it out I went over both arms in no time. There was a little smokey smell, but it is normal (you are heating hair!) and it went away fast.

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Pain Free Hair Removal

After I was done with my arms, I used the buffer cloth that comes with it to get the hairs off of the arms. It didn’t hurt or anything and it really made my arms look smooth. I did notice I missed a few spots and went back over with the nono and then used the cloth again. This is so much better than shaving or plucking. I only need to hit my legs and arms every few weeks and the hair keeps coming back less and less after each time. Sometimes I get a little dry spot in some places where more hair may have been but the cream the no!no! came with really helps. When my “lady-stache” came back around, the lowest setting on the no!no! worked for it. Heck, I might try to get the hubby to use it on his back!

The Good:

  • Easy to use and directions are clear – Start getting rid of that ugly, unwanted hair within minutes of getting your No No
  • Much less expensive than other hair removal  products – Save your hard earned cash, you’ll spend 5-10X more for similar products
  • No messy creams or chemicals to apply – Don’t waste time cleaning up those messy creams are inhaling those harsh chemicals
  • Hair removal is permanent – End the embarrassment of that nasty looking unwanted hair, get beautiful, smooth skin  like you just came from a spa treatment
  • Pain Free – Looking beautiful doesn’t need to be painful
  • 60 Day No Risk Free Trial – Have peace of mind that if you don’t like it, you can send it back within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked

The Not So Good:

  • Takes patience, results are a little slower than the much more expensive systems out there
  • Burning hair smell is a bit strong at first, but fades pretty quickly

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Tips For Best Results With NO!NO!

  • no!no! burns hair and burnt hair smells. But that’s how you know it is working. Try aromatic candles or other air fresheners. An after treatment cream or moisturizer like no!no! Smooth will help mask the smell even further.
    Keep in mind, the shorter the hair, the less the smell. You may notice that as less hair grows back, the smell begins to lessen.
  • Track your progress! Before you use no!no! the first time, study the area you want to treat. You might even want to take pictures or choose a small area and count the hairs. Then, once every 2 weeks, check your progress. But remember, it might take 4-6 weeks to see initial results.
  • You might experience a mild tingling sensation when you first use no!no!, especially around sensitive areas. This should fade then disappear after the first few treatments.
  • If your skin feels uncomfortable during treatment, reduce the treatment level and/or take short breaks after repeatedly gliding on any one area.
  • When you finish your treatment apply a non-alcoholic lotion or cream like no!no! Smooth to keep your skin moisturized.
  • For best results, use no!no! 2 -3 times a week for the first 4-6 weeks. You don’t have to wait for a lot of hair to grow back. Just 1mm of stubble is enough to get the smooth results you are looking for.
  • Always make sure the thermodynamic wire is completely intact before use. If it is bent or torn, replace it before your next treatment.
  • Use the cleaning brush frequently to brush away hair debris, especially when working on long hair. This will help prolong the life of the Thermicon™ Tips.
  • Do not use no!no! on sunburned skin, open cuts, bruises, blisters, large moles or on raised areas such as scars.
  • Your no!no! has a one year warranty on parts and service. Keep your receipt just in case.
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Product of the Year!

Where To Buy

guaranteeYou can get your no!no! hair removal treatment thingy at the Official Site. They’ve got a great offer going on now where you can get a 60 Day No-Risk Trial for FREE. But once you see how well it works,  you’re going to be so happy that you don’t have to shave everyday and you won’t even think about sending it back. I might even buy a few more for presents for my friends. I just hope our salon doesn’t go out of business from losing all the waxings in the area!

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3 Month Update

Well I’ve been using the system for 3 months now and the results are just great. I’ve seen a 90% reduction in new hair growth and I’ve only had to use it on my toughest areas once in the last month. Now I’m using it on my husband’s back. The coarse, thick hair is a real challenge, but so far NO!NO! is winning the battle! My husband claims to not care, but he asked me to give him a treatment before we went the the beach last week and I’ve caught him admiring his smooth hair free back in the mirror a few times! Who ever said main aren’t vain? Lol. Anyway, NO!NO! is truly an amazing product and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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